Investment Calculator

The Investment Calculator shows you how our range of investment trusts has performed in the past. You can use it to see:

  • what would have happened if you had invested a lump sum in one go, or alternatively if you had invested on a regular monthly basis over a period of time
  • what would have happened if you had used dividends from your investment to buy more shares, compared with just taking the dividends as a cash payment
  • how different trusts’ performance compares.

The data in the tool is real – it uses the actual share prices of our trusts to make its calculations, but it doesn’t take account of any fees you pay when buying shares. Also, to keep things simple, if you decide to ‘re-invest’ your dividends in the tool, we have assumed that you got paid the dividend on the same day you would have qualified to receive it.

Finally, please remember that just because an investment performed in a particular way in the past, it may not do the same thing in the future. So a rising share price now, for example, is no indication that it will continue to rise. This means that if you sell shares at a lower price than the price at which you bought them, you will have lost money.


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