Investment, Risk
What is pound cost averaging and why is it important?

James Henderson, fund manager of Lowland Investment Company and Henderson Opportunities Trust discusses how to put money to work in the markets on a regular basis. Investing in shares of companies is seldom straightforward. It involves lots of unknowns and after a period of time you will almost certainly face some surprises. For decades, investors […]

Overcoming fear

Time was the big factor that finally overcame my fear of the stock market. I knew that over the long term, investing made sense. When considering a pension far in the future, I went straight to investments. But otherwise, I’d always been nervous of investing in stocks and shares, reluctant to lose any of my […]

Diversification – packing for a summer holiday

Spreading risk when investing, known as diversification, is much like packing for a British summer holiday. Unlike skipping off for a fortnight of guaranteed sunshine in the Med, you never quite know what the weather will hold at home. Heat wave? Cold snap? Torrential rain? Hit the jackpot with a combination of all three? All […]