Steps to Investing

If you’re new to investing, this website is for you. And if you’re an existing investor looking to improve your skills and knowledge, you might find some useful information too.

We’re Janus Henderson Investors, a leading global asset management firm, based in London but with offices around the world. We provide our clients with access to over 80 years’ experience and trusted financial professionals. We specialise in managing investment trusts and offer a wide range which invest around the world.

Our service offers you:

  • a clear and comprehensive explanation of the investment process
  • tools to help you understand how investment trusts perform, and the costs of buying them
  • lots of short videos with clear jargon-free explanations
  • a full understanding of what’s available in the market to help you choose what’s right for you
  • ways of enhancing your investment strategy

Steps to Investing was created by the experts in our Investment Trust team. It’s underpinned by our long experience in managing financial markets and our worldwide team of financial professionals.

All investing carries a risk to your money. We have built this site specifically to look in depth at risk and how to approach it.

At we don’t offer financial advice, so if you’re looking for help choosing specific investments to meet your personal needs, please speak to an Independent Financial Adviser.